What’s been happening in May-June 16

Well I think it’s safe to say I’ve broken my own personal best for the longest time between

blog posts! (Woops!) My apologies (once again) for the delay! It’s been for a good reason

though and that’s because a lot has happened in the last few months that in all honesty I’ve

been putting off doing this post as there’s so much to recap on and talk about.. But no more

procrastinating, I hereby give you my latest blog post! And it’s a monster…

So where did I leave things last time? Wow ok ‘Behind Your Eyes’ was yet to be released as

digital download!! Well I’m happy to say it has been released and so far, so good! I have

been really pleased with the overall reaction and support I’ve received for the single. It feels

like I released this song a year ago but it’s only been a few months!? It’s been getting good

radio play, Phoenix FM are great supporters, especially Michelle Ward from the ‘Eat My

Brunch’ show in the mornings who had ‘Behind Your Eyes’ on her ‘A- Playlist’ on rotation,

which I was really happy and appreciative of! I’ve also had support from Basildon Radio, who

is a new supporter, plus EGH Radio on their Unsigned Madness Show. RocRunna Radio in

NYC have also been very supportive throughout as well as Chelmsford Community Radio on

the Shakeys Sessions show. UGM Network have also been great supporters and have

been playing ‘Behind Your Eyes’ on their fab new radio show UGM Radio. I’ve also started

working with Deuce Radio and Rob Saunders regarding radio promotion and have been

pleased to see ‘Behind Your Eyes’ being picked up by different indie and FM Radio stations,

such as The Spread Show on https://twitter.com/WRFN1025,


http://www.radiovest.dk/, The Alternative Club Time 107.5 FM www.time1075.net, as well as the

latest Deuce Show https://soundcloud.com/deuce-show/ as well as others! As I said in my

last blog post, I was really happy when it was picked up by BBC Essex Introducing too.

I’ve also found ‘Behind Your Eyes’ had been added to a few cool playlists by music bloggers

such as Angry Baby Music (links are on my ‘Reviews and Press’ page), Flo is a brilliant

blogger and I always value her support, plus Big Jim Cambo’s ‘Alternative Fridays’ music

blog for May, Jim is also a contributor and moderator for ‘Fresh On The Net’. I also chatted

to Gavin Watson from a ‘Music Blog Yea?’ who took the time to check out ‘Behind Your

Eyes’ and said the following; ‘’I liked the track, thought it was heading off perhaps in a

theatrical direction at first but as it kicks in it’s a nice slice of twisted pop and soul’… safe to

say I loved his description! You can tell he’s a writer hey! I really appreciated the time he

took to listen to the track and for his feedback, I hope to keep in touch and send him my next

EP when it’s ready!

I’ve done a few gigs and showcases between this time, I did a set at Asylum Chelmsford

with Darrel Mayhead on guitar with me, which went well! I also made it down to the Piano

Works in London for the first time to do a couple of songs for the open mic, organised by Luc

Floreani, who is fab artist manager and manages Dan Olsen, who is a great artists and they

are both lovely! It was a new experience for me, it was stepping out of my comfort zone,

getting up on stage with no rehearsals doing a couple of covers with Eddy Smith on piano,

who is a total pro and very talented. It was great to meet a new bunch of like-minded people

and I really enjoyed it. Luc and I have discussed me doing a showcase slot with them in

time, which would be fab and I plan to do a few more of the open mics there too in the

meantime. I also gigged at The Old New Inn, Colchester in April plus Acklam Village in

Portobello Road, Notting Hill with HotVox Promotions for the first time and absolutely loved

it. I got a great reaction with Adriano on guitar, I was in a pub later on that day and a lady

recognised me and complimented my voice and performance, which really made my day. I

have been asked back since, which is great and I hope to get there as soon as I can. I also

did a set at The Headgate Theatre in Colchester in support of The National Trust, which

Crazz performed with me. It was nice to be working with him again. I took the opportunity to

have some photos done of us by Robert Watts Photography, who I’ve worked with on my

music videos. Check out my gallery to see some! I also did a fab showcase at The Finsbury,

London 2nd June, with Emerald Live raising money for Kori http://www.kori.org.uk . I was

alongside a fab lineup supporting upcoming artist BXRBER. Adriano joined me on guitar at I

really enjoyed the night. We had some photos and a live video done of our performance

which you can check out on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZwSanosjWU.

I also did a set at The Bull, Colchester again and Darrel did guitar with me. It was great to be

back! I also performed at Apples & Pears Bar, Brick Lane, London with Who Run The World

Promotions, who I’ve been involved with before. I really love their message and the platform

they give for female artists and female fronted bands. #GirlPower.

The world learnt of the shocking news that Prince had sadly passed away. My wife (well not

really my wife but one of my best friend’s, we nickname each other wife.. It all started in

sunny Ibiza 6 years ago.. It’s a long story, so moving on! Lol.) Anyway, Prince was wife’s

idol/favourite artist and I couldn’t help but immediately think of her devastation before my

own once I heard the news. Prince was really up there with the greats but I feel he was

slightly overlooked sometimes! His artistry and talent was iconic and his loss was felt across

the world. It was especially fitting and touching when in fact it did snow in April. It was great

to see so many tributes and footage emerging, which I had never seen before.

I’ve also been doing more writing these last couple of months, I just got hit with the

inspiration stick again and I wrote a few new songs and some new hooks. I’ve been in talks

with a couple of producers regarding co-writing and I also wrote to a brilliant piece by a local

muso Louis Takoree, who is super talented and works closely with a local singer/songwriter

James Burrage who is also a great talent and just a lovely guy, who is doing well and great

to see! Writing to music (rather than putting music to a top-line I’ve already written) is a new

concept for me, as it’s usually the other way round, so I felt a bit unsure of whether I’d come

up with anything half decent but luckily Louis seemed to be happy with what I’d written. The

piece is really haunting and beautiful, I’m looking forward to developing it further and

recording it! Louis and I are looking to co-write together further and he will also be joining me

on some future gigs and performances, which I’m looking forward to! I’m also hoping to do

more with Elliot Richardson, who I’ve been working with, in terms of co-writing. Song-writing

is a great passion of mine, it’s such an outlet for me, I find it very therapeutic as well as

singing and I really enjoy working with others to bring something to life! A big aspiration of

mine is to forge a career as a song-writer. I’m aiming to build a catalogue of material behind

me as well alongside my own EP’s as an artist in my own right. I’m going to go with the flow

and see where everything takes me.. However, song-writing is definitely a big focus for me,

I’ve written so many songs and I’d love to develop as many as possible and co-write further.

I attended the Ultimate Seminar Live at The Notting Hill Arts Club, which was a new concept

put together by the awesome Cre8ing Vision and Ultimate Seminar Team. There was a great

showcase of artists and it was good to see Kwame and the team again. Naturally.. I bagged

a place right by the front of the stage (well people can see over my head, whereas I

definitely cannot see over other people’s.. #tinybutmighty haha!) It was a great night and I

hope they do another, I would definitely attend again.

I also had a mini reunion with my New Skool Rules fam! If you read my blogs (and I hope

you do ;-p), you’ll remember I went to Rotterdam last year with my friend and fellow

singer/songwriter Leanne Louise. We teamed up with the mighty Call Me Unique and

Danieal whilst out there and were often asked if we were in a girl band! (LOL!) I had an

audition with the awesome Henca and Greg, who are the founders of New Skool Rules to be

in with a chance to be involved with their exchange opportunity and/or have a showcase slot

at the next conference they have, which would be amazing! I raved about this conference

last year and I’m still raving about it now! Fingers crossed something comes from it!

We also, between the last blog and this one, lost yet another legend – Muhammad Ali, who’s

wisdom, courage and determination is just an inspiration to everyone. 2016 has surely got to

be one for the records?!

I also somehow managed to escape for a few days to Pollenca, Majorca with family, which

was a great break.

July is quite a busy one for gigs! Check out my gigs and live shows page for more details!

I’m also excited to say I’m back in the studio to record another song (I’m hoping possibly 2

more songs) for my EP starting from 1st July, which I’m really looking forward to! I can’t wait

to finally show you all what I’ve been working on this past year, however, all good things

come to those who wait as they say and hopefully I won’t disappoint! It’s not something I

want to rush, however, I have a goal in mind which I’m aiming for so I’m on track.

I will also be releasing ‘Guys Like You’ on SoundCloud soon, which I recorded with Elliot

Richardson and will also be releasing the cover I did, which was recorded by him also!

So I think that pretty much concludes all that I’ve been up to the last couple of months or so!

To all those who continue to show me their support, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I never take anything for granted in this tough old industry. I also honestly love to see people

doing well, it’s exciting and motivating to see, especially when they’ve worked so hard for it.

I’m looking forward to the next few months! I can’t wait to have my EP finished soon and

working on building a team to work with in order to help take it forwards and putting it out to

the world!

Until the next blog post – stay classy! As always, just a gentle reminder that you can keep

up-to- date with my goings on via my social media (all links are on this website), don’t forget

to like, follow, subscribe etc etc!

Peace & Love – Helen xXx.

Thank you for reading!