I’m back with more new music! New single available to listen to now!


Long time, no speak! Literally! I think the less said about my lack of blog entries for the last 6

months, the better! LOL Apologies for the silence (although those closest to me would

probably relish it!) It’s been crazy busy times, both musically, professionally and personally.

In all honestly the longer it went without me blogging, the bigger the task seemed to be and it

became a bit overwhelming! However, I’m back and I’m here to update and summarise

what’s been happening and most importantly I bring with me NEW MUSIC! Yes that’s right,

my new single ‘Do You Remember’ is now available to listen to online at SoundCloud

https://soundcloud.com/helenconnelly/do-you- remember-339- revised-helen- connelly-

44100hz-16bits- masteredwav

I was super happy to have my new track premiered by The Revue

http://therevue.ca/2017/06/13/helen-connelly- do-you- remember/ and it has also been picked

up on Hype Machine http://hypem.com/song/2na1x?w=1. It’s so good to have it finally out

there and the response so far has been great!

I’m pleased to say I have been working with Angry Baby Music to help push my music out

there and help develop and nurture a solid fanbase. You may remember Flo included me in

her Angry Baby Music Blog back in 2015 when I released my debut EP and has been

supporting my music ever since. Both Flo and her sister Debs have helped me put together

great exclusive content and music to offer those who sign up to my free downloads and

newsletter! I’ve got lots coming up over the course of the year, so there will be plenty to

share with those who get involved plus there’s freebies to be had (who doesn’t love a freebie

hey!) If you haven’t already, you can sign up via my homepage and

http://www.angrybaby.co.uk/meet-new- artists/helen-connelly/. You will receive my song

‘Live A Lie’, which was on my debut EP ‘Love, Life & Lyricality’ plus my unreleased track

‘Guys Like You’! #GetInvolved.

So what has happened in the last 6 months? Well on a worldwide scale – bloomin loads (I’m

not going to get political on here though) but on a much more smaller scale (as-in me)

there’s been lots too, some relevant to this blog and some not so much but if you follow me

on social media, you’d have seen what I’ve been getting up to anyway so surely I don’t have

to fill you in too much do I!? (Follow me now quick! Haha!) Musically though, I have been

tying up and putting the finishing touches to my new EP, which will be out this year called

‘Garden Of Kisses’, which I worked on with Ian Post and Simon Gogerly on (two very

talented producers/mixers) plus 360 Mastering http://www.360mastering.co.uk/ . Not to

mention doing lots of gigs and showcases.

I also met with Simon Aldridge of BMI London in October after meeting as part of another

Cre8ing Vision Workshop regarding publishing. He gave me some good advice and pointers!

I can also say I have a band now – yes I actually have a band! We’ve done a few

performances together (again snippets have been shown on my social media), and the

feedback has been brilliant. I love performing acoustically, however, whenever I’ve written

my music I can always hear a big production behind it rather than acoustic, which Ian Post

has always been really good at working with me on developing in terms of my sound in the

studio. So it’s been great to be able to get nearer to that for live performances rather than

performing my tracks acoustically all the time. Acoustic will be always be a nice alternative


I’ll try and keep the blog updated from hereon, however, in the meantime, get streaming my

new single and get sharing! Don’t forget to sign up for my freebies and exclusives (see my

homepage), you won’t be disappointed I promise! Also check out my upcoming gigs & live

shows! I hope to see you at one of them!

As always, many thanks for the support and I hope you like my new single!

Helen xXx