Jan – Feb ’16 blog post! New upcoming song.. ‘Behind Your Eyes’ (not long now!)

Hello All! 

Well here we are in February 2016 already! Sorry this blog post is a little later than intended!!  I have been working HARD, up all day to the early hours, researching what’s out there to help me push these upcoming songs, looking for gigs, writing and recording new songs! 

The last few weeks have gone in a blur! I enjoyed doing 2 gigs at Takism Square Restaurant in Stanford-le-hope, Essex in January with Adriano on guitar and we are back there on 19th February. I was also booked again for The Bull, Colchester in the main bar again and enjoyed singing original songs and covers (again with Adriano by my side). 

Early January, I was tagged in an article by Neil Darcy-Jones at the Gazette and was very pleased to see that I was one of those listed as ‘Colchester’s one to watch in 2016’!  I’m always very humbled by the belief in me from others.. It’s really lovely and helps keep me motivated. 

In January, I was also able to finally complete original song,  ‘Guys Like You’ with Elliott Richardson.  I also started recording my new song ‘Deep Under (Water)’ in London, which is sounding biiiig. The lyrics for the chorus and pre-chorus hook came to me over a year ago but I finished writing the song along with other songs in January. Very happy with how it’s going so far.. 

The first week of February was an eventful one to say the least! 1st February saw me recording the video for soon to be released song ‘Behind Your Eyes’… I’m really excited to see the end result of this video.. It’s very different to ‘Brushing Off The Dust’. I worked with Robert Watts again and had some helpers on the day too! Patrick Tolan who is an upcoming actor performed in the video and upcoming makeup artist Naomi Tolan (they are brother and sister) also lent her skills on the day. Both trained at prestigious schools such as Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and Delamar Academy. A massive thank you to Helen Elliott Photography who has worked with me on my promo shots, for letting us use her studio for the day for filming!  I’m hoping the video will be ready by the end of the month so fingers crossed by my blog in March I will be able to show you! 

That week I was also invited at the last minute to attend the MPG Awards in London with Headliner Magazine. I have been speaking with Paul Watson, the editor for a little while now and he very generously invited me along! It was great to attend such a great industry event and I met some lovely people. All very inspiring! A massive congratulations to those who won their awards. 

I have some gigs coming up over the next few weeks! One of which will be at Cabot Place in Canary Wharf! Very exciting and looking forward to performing again at The Rosebud, Takism Square (Essex) and Apples & Pears Bar in London again!  

I’m also excited to say that I have been entered in to the 1st preliminary round of the Coffee Music Project competition!   It’s a music competition which takes place in both London and New York.  All profits go to: 


Supporting the Allegra Foundation charity ‘Project Waterfall’  

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water” – W.H. Auden

Project Waterfall is an initiative developed by the Allegra Foundation (Registered Charity:1133540) to bring clean water to the communities which grow our coffee. Since 2011, the initiative has raised over £311,000 and brought clean water to 14,000 people in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Tanzania 

Please visit http://www.coffeemusicproject.com for more info and if you’d like to see me perform, you can grab your tickets here https://event.bookitbee.com/5598/coffee-music-project-1st-prelim-round-16th-feb-2016/.  

I’m looking forwards to performing at The OBar in Soho, London on the night! Adriano will be performing with me, which I’m very thankful for.. 

So that’s it for January’s blog (and a little bit of February!) I may have missed some things but it’s hard to remember everything sometimes! Crazy times.  Wont be long until I do my next blog with February being a short month and will no doubt have lots to update you on probably! As always, you can keep up to date with my goings on via social media (links are on my website). 

Thanks for reading and supporting!

Bye for now – Helen xxx

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