No rest for the wicked!;-)

Hello again! Hope all is well 🙂 So! Yet another busy week for me, last Saturday saw my friends and I get a Limo down to London courtesy of Essex Limo’s to the Hot Tub Cinema party in Shoreditch (see my Twitter and Instagram for picture LOL).  Sunday I became God Mum to my friend’s gorgeous little girl Sienna, I can’t wait to make a fuss of her all her life! It was a privilege to be one of those asked for the role..  Monday I was back in the studio in London recording a song I wrote in August last year, called ‘Behind Your Eyes’.  It was written after a turbulent relationship finally ended and I dealt with it the best way I knew how and wrote a song.. The lyrics are pretty dark, which unsurprisingly reflected how I felt at the time.  I imagined it to be a dark ballad, however, its taken form of a more up-tempo song, which I’m liking as it creates a good contrast to the lyrics and makes the song less ‘heavy’.  I can’t wait to release the songs I’ve been recording lately to you all and I have plans for more recordings very soon. My interview for the Colchester Gazette was published in Wednesday’s paper, there was a lovely big piece about me finally following my dream to pursue a career in music and releasing my debut EP ‘Love, Life & Lyricality’ – See my social media for the picture of the article (links above!)

Don’t forget if you are looking for something to do Saturday 23rd May, get yourselves down to The Golden Fleece, Chelmsford, Essex for a great day of live music and of course get yourself an alcoholic beverage (be rude not to!)  I will be performing alongside a great line-up at 2.30pmwith Crazz supporting me on acoustic guitar.  Sunday I will be back in the studio featuring on a fun new project ‘Rock & Grohl – The Congregation’ singing a ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ track.  It’s a little out of the norm of what I normally would sing, which is a good thing and I love the track!   The project is great fun, just a bunch of singers and musicians getting together for the love of music to celebrate the great work of David Grohl. It is all being recorded at Highfield Studio, which is a studio I’ve been wanting to check out, so funny how things come about! I’m really happy to be asked to be involved. 

Next week will see me back in the studio in London before jetting off to Rotterdam, Holland for the awesome New Skool Rules News ‹ New Skool Rules music event!  I’ll let you know how I get on!  Between now and then, stay classy and have fun. I look forward to giving you another low-down on my crazy life soon. Big Love! – Helen Connelly xxx