Time for another Blog!

Hi All! 

Well as usual it’s been a little while since I’ve updated my blog and as usual lots has happened. 

I have been in the local papers a couple of times! Once in the Essex Chronicle for being part of the Ideas Hub gig for Marc Sephton’s art exhibition and once again in the Colchester Gazette regarding gigging at Beth Chatto Gardens, which I’m pleased to say went well! It’s really cool to see myself in the paper and to have the support of local press. It means a lot and the exposure is obviously great. 

I have been busy working with Adriano (on guitar) learning lots of covers and we now have a 2 hour set-list, which includes covers and the 4 originals I currently perform (3 of which are on my debut EP).  

I have also had gigs and showcases, I performed at the Piatto Cafe in Colchester as part of Slackfolk, which is a showcase for local musicians and artists. It went very well and Ian from Beth Chatto Gardens came by and included us in his blog, which you can read here http://time4artscolchester.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/song-sung-blue.html

I also performed at Bar Vinyl in Camden, London with Adriano for the first time with Zaid Live Events, it was a great showcase and I met some lovely new talented artists. We had a great reaction and I’m looking forward to doing more showcases with Zaid in the future. 

I was also booked to perform at Takism Square Restaurant under ‘Helen’s Acoustic Sessions’ with Adriano, where we did a 2 hour set.  It’s a lovely restaurant and again we had a great reaction, with many diners telling us how much they enjoyed listening to us. Check out Takism Square on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/Taksim-Square-817908801649859/timeline . It was cool to debut a few covers we had been working on, we’ll continue to learn loads more. 

I have also been away to Krakow for a few days with friends, it’s a lovely city who love their Jazz and Blues music, I felt quite at home there! I would love to go back and do a few gigs out there. 

I have been busy networking and contacted a great blogger Flo at Angry Baby, who listened to my music and included me in her blog! Flo wrote an awesome review, which you can read here http://www.angrybaby.co.uk/helen-connelly-live-a-lie . I’m so grateful for the support, you can never take it for granted and I’m humbled by the reaction and supportive comments as a result of her blog and review. 

This coming week, I am singing live on the Loxley’s Corner Show on his last broadcast and Crazz will be accompanying me on guitar as Adriano is currently back home in Sicily. It will be cool to perform with Crazz again, kind of fitting as he was the guitarist who performed with me the first time I went on Loxley’s show, so it will be nice he’s with me the last time. I wish Loxley all the best in whatever he is doing next.  Here is the mixcloud link to the interview from last month! https://www.mixcloud.com/LoxleysCorner/colne-radio-loxleys-corner-with-helen-connelly-live

I will also be in the studio again with Elliott, working more on ‘Guys Like You’, which will be cool.. There’s only a little more to do until it’s ready to be mixed etc (exciting!) I really can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on over the last year and to release more new material. 

Confirmed upcoming gigs and showcases are;

6th November – Takism Square, Stanford-le-hope (rebooked for Helen’s Acoustic Sessions)

7th November – Elite Showcase, Circus Tavern, Essex

12th November – Apples & Pears Bar, Brick Lane, London

12th December – Colchester United Stadium (Helen’s Acoustic Sessions https://www.facebook.com/HelensAcousticSessions?pnref=about.overview) 

That’s it for now folks! I’ll update you all again as soon as I can (probably in another months time again lol).  In the meantime, I always keep my social media pages up to date, check me out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (links on the logo’s above). Thank you for reading!

All the best! – Helen Connelly xx